Should You be More Efficient with a Digital Business Card?

Endlessly we hear and see the inefficiencies killing businesses everywhere. Making them less impactful, less memorable, less profitable. But, what if you failed to notice the box (or boxes) of inefficient sitting inside your desk right now? What if a few of the stragglers took up space in your car, wallet, purse, backpack, desk? What if they were so inefficient we thought they were actually really efficient? Would we really notice anything…?

Welcome to your paper business cards. If you want efficiency, here it isn’t. 

Immediately you’re rolling your eyes, desperate not to waste more time on these pain in the b**t items. Never fear, efficiency is here!

A modern card (or MODC), removes the need for paper cards, enhances you’re ability to share and become more memorable in business (that equals sales) and clearly signals to all you’re not happy to just sit in the past and stop evolving. You’re now the leader, the action taker, the thought provoker. 

Hey, you’re efficient. 

📸 Branded MODC. for Bundaberg Regional Council .


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