Businesses are Inefficient, but your Business Card Shouldn’t be

Inefficiencies are often seen as the devils work in business, and are suitably cast aside (or politely ignored) until they become such a pain point that something has to happen. Yet, aren’t these just a great opportunity to think differently about your business, yourself and how you present best?

We know (we have the stats) how ineffectual and inefficient paper business cards are, and how if you intend them to be a key business growth tool, it truly is a volume game to create impact. That means this lack of impact is telling you, ‘stop using me!’ and find a new way. 

Now the opportunity is to create a card that’s thought provoking, starts a conversation, and delivers to you and your prospect the right information, the best way, whilst retaining a memorable impact. Here’s your nirvana. 

MODC, or modern card. Designed to your needs, with smart and easy tech. Ready to impress and destress business cards forever. 

📸 Bamboo MODC. for QIC.


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