Are Digital Business Cards Efficient?

Time is money. A saying as old as business itself I’m certain. 

So why on earth do we burn so much time with inefficient and clunky paper business cards? In a digital world, we have a card created digitally, printed, handed out and then all going well, we communicate with the other person… you guessed it, digitally. And that only has the chance to work roughly 12% of the time a card isn’t tossed in the bin within 7 days. 

If we’re meant to show our tech prowess and our respective businesses are meant to be taking great strides forward in advancement, then why not remove what is likely the most inefficient element of our business, the much maligned paper business card. 

Let’s get digital, efficient and impactful. Your business will thank you (in money).

📸 Branded MODC. for BlueHillpr.


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