May Wrap Up for MODC

This past month we welcomed a whole host of epic companies looking to ditch those pesky paper business cards in favour of something much, much cooler 😎

Welcome to the fam:

  • BEDA, or Brisbane Economic Development Agency, with a huge team of over 60!
  • AerOx, after meeting this cool team at the Brisbane Truck Show
  • Vigour Communications, with a very sharp design
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, and some stunning bamboo cards (plus, our first Australian federal government piece of work)
  • Ecomarkets, a hugely interesting startup
  • The Drone Way, check out Ben’s epic photography
  • Heritage Minerals, stunning many at a recent trade show

Plus, we saw a number of return clients, including:

Without a doubt we have missed a few (sorry), but it’s enlivening so see so many businesses say farewell to wasteful paper 👋). 

Until next time!


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