How Networking Should be

You’re standing tall, in charge and self assured. No need to fake it until you make it. Not a worry in the world and absolutely no need to land that deal in this room. Why, because you have a literal card up your sleeve (ok, probs in you pocket), that makes all the difference. 

This sounds like networking how it should be. Without the angst and stress, and full of opportunity and optimism. 

Networking should be thought about like this, not the chore we all see it as. It should be where we share our challenges and seek opportunities to learn and grow collectively, not just where we say we’re ‘busy’ and that’s about it. We should be proud of the clients we work with, not just use industry speak and business buzz words to shield what we do. 

Let’s get back to your anti-cryptonite, your Popeye spinach. MODC will capture the eye, the attention and spark interest in what you do and how you do it, so you can get to the good stuff… actual networking and helping each other 🤝

📸 Branded MODC. for Sandy Lokas.


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