Paper vs Digital Business Cards 🥊

Well let’s find out, if you should stick with the paper business card or move on to adopt a new age digital business cards.

Immediate Updating. 

Paper Cards –  Any small update or change on your paper business card, whether it is a change in address, update of phone number, email address or position title, you will off to the printers for a new batch of paper cards creating time and money consumption. And what happens to all those old ones…

Digital Cards – Digital business cards allows every possible change of details within a moment (as quick as 20 seconds in fact). Even if it’s a fresh headshot or update of branding and imagery, it can be updated in a flash and ready to share (and show off) immediately. Say goodbye to time and cost hassles!

You’re being judged (and maybe executed) based on the paper. 

Paper Cards – Whether we truly admit it or not, everyone notices if you use cheap paper for printing, and this then reflects on you and your business. It looks and gives a feeling of substandard practice, and that’s a terrible image to promote during any business interaction, especially a first meeting. The impression of cheap or inferior quality paper also makes printing difficult resulting in poor quality results, so it’s advised to invest a little more in something that will set the right tone by selecting the best range of thick, quality papers to create positive first impression. And that equals more cost and time to you and your business. 

Digital Cards – You’re still going to be judged with a digital business card like every other business card is often judged. However, with sturdy bamboo or pvc materials and inspired designs combined with technology innovation, those you meet and network with won’t be long worried about the material of your card, but why they don’t have their own and how you can teach them all about these cool cards. You just turned a fear into a strategic advantage, touché! 

Quantity Matters, often in the sacrifice for quality. 

Paper Cards – There is a natural limit to paper cards, you can only distribute or exchange paper business cards that are on you. At any networking or business event, you need to carry enough cards to not run out. Now you have a bulging pocket of cards waiting to be damaged or lost before hey even get into someone’s hand. Plus, if you spent well and went for high quality, that nagging voice in your head is telling you to hand them out wisely, and now you’re in a real catch 22…

Digital Cards – Having enough cards is NEVER a problem.Once created, you can share to as many people as you like without the fear of running out ever. So now you can hit quantity and quality in one.


Paper Cards – We are in the age of visual content, a physical touch of real paper texture is liked by many. It can also play an important part in connecting and giving a visual reminder of who you are and what your business is all about; or convey a poor message if not done right. This gives a sense of familiarity and connects people. And yet, in a post (or continued depending on your view) infection control world, passing a physical item from one person to the next, might not be the ‘thing’ to do anymore. 

Digital Cards – It will vary from person to person as to the loss of passing and keeping a paper business card from someone else, but as we continue to charge forward into a digital environment these cards will make a positive memorable impression. You won’t lose the ceremony of reaching for your card and exchanging details, you just now also get the cool factor (and convenience) of only needing one on you. 

Non environmentally friendly. 

Paper Cards – The significant volume of waste in both water and paper to create such business cards is profound, and it’ll only be a matter of time before creating such cards will be eliminated completely in the pursuit of environmental wellness.

Digital Cards – Digital products are eco-friendly in nature. Significantly less resources are needed to produce these cards with the ongoing reduction in wastage of reprints long gone. It’s a strong step forward for a better business future. 

Discard rate. 

Paper Cards – Overwhelmingly, paper business cards are lost or end up in the bin in just a few days. When looking at the raw numbers, 88% of such cards are thrown out within a week. 

Digital Cards – Digital cards can be shared to a mobile number or an email address and it will be electronically stored dramatically increasing the chances of shared details being used whilst eliminating a highly wasteful item.

Space, the cards final frontier. 

Paper Cards – Hoarded by many, paper cards need organising and storage and space. Once a volume of cards are collected, this collection becomes infinitely hard to manage and work through devaluing all in the pile, now ready to be discarded due to inconvenience. 

Digital Cards – With the arrival of new cards like MODC., it is proven to be very easy to manage and organise hundreds of cards. Aside from this, at a single click you can access specific information from hundreds of contacts you’ve collected along your journeys. 

Hopefully the choice is clearer to you and your business. We know that digital cards are not the silver bullet for all paper card usage, and nor will they or anything else ever be. But, we’re confident many of you will need or want to change, we’re ready and keen to assist with that!

📸 EcoSmart MODC. for Valley Chamber of Commerce.


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