Networking 🤝 Digital Business Cards

When did you last think about how you networked? Not why, but how. 

What’s the first impression you’re seeking to establish, or the impression you’re looking to reinforce. Do people really know what you do, and the projects you tackle. Does it all stack up so when people hear your name or encounter a problem they know you’re the one to hit up. 

And how is that physically reinforced through the way you dress, present and hey, that business card you’ve been slinging all over town. I’m guessing you might not have thought about this greater in a long time, or ever…

Let’s start with the easy thing, that business card. You don’t like have hundreds just sitting around and you know they need an update. But you don’t want to worry about design just for it to be out of date again soon, plus, for a piece of paper it doesn’t seem very important. It doesn’t promote your business how you want it to. 

Time for action has arrived, and MODC is here to help!

📸 Branded MODC. for Daimler Truck Australia Pacific.


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