Branded MODC

How will a Digital Business Card Save you Time?

I’d personally lose a few, maybe 5 minutes everyday just on business cards. And these were my own ones! At times I’d have up to 4 different business cards on me for the various roles and titles I carried. I’m sure I looked like a human version of whack a mole, tapping my own pockets trying to remember which card I put where so I didn’t give the wrong one to the wrong person. 

Thankfully, I’ve hit the highscore, cashed out my tickets, and gone to something new (and great!). A single card is now all I need to carry, being able to swap profiles in an instant, sharing and capturing details in digital format, and able to show how efficient I am just with a business card. 

MODC enables all of us to better share and collect contact data, better show off our business and abilities and also signifies your business can identify and implement efficiencies with ease. No more boxes of wasted paper, just one card and limitless possibilities (except for whack a mole, still gotta do that at the arcade 🦫). 

📸 Branded MODC. for Sherrin Partners.


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