Where is a Paper Business Card a MUST

Let’s ponder where a paper business card is a must. 

Certainly in some cultural scenarios where the exchange of paper cards is highly revered – like the Japanese. How about with VIPs, such as a state Premier or Prime Minister of a nation? Don’t think asking them to take their phone out would be so much of a good thing – that’s even if they had a phone on them. 

Where else 🤔. Maybe you need to include a note on a card. But maybe you just flick them a text or email instead. At networking events, but hang on, you’ve seen others kill off paper cards and still network just fine, maybe even better. 

What about with clients. Well, if they haven’t already, they’ll soon have their own digital cards. 

Maybe you can rock a digital business card. Hell, we know you can!

📸 Branded MODCs.


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