Digital Business Cards and Branding Tips

If you want to assess your branding from an easy start point, pick the tool you probably rely on a huge, if not a majority, of the time. That business card in your pocket. 

Take it out (straighten it out), give it a read over. Take in your colours and wording. How does it feel and translate. What message does it carry. Now, think about your business – probably completely different to when you got those cards, isn’t it?

But hey, you don’t have time for a rebrand session, and it’s a decent amount of work. You’ll want to conceptualise whilst your business operates so it’ll give you most of the answers along the way. Why not start with a new card, one that lets you edit details and info instantly so you can live test and see how people interpret and understand your value. You can learn how to guide them to what they should know and remember of you and your business. 

Sound much easier now? Yeah, thought so!

📸 Branded and Bamboo MODC. for u&u.


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