Networking Tips with Digital Business Cards

If you knew that your close rate on referred or networked business was 40% better, and that this business would on average deliver 16% more lifetime value, would you be a little better at finding it?

Here’s a tip. Now you know this, think about it properly and form an identity and strategy to it. People want to connect with interesting and engaging people (that doesn’t mean just loud and eye catching), and you’re likely not doing much of either #sorrynotsorry. 

An immediate change for both yourself and those you meet, a cracking digital business card. This will set you a part, enable the ability to test and tweak strategies and also give you a good boost in confidence because you’re now ahead of the curve, ready to share your own tips!

📸 Branded MODC. for Council of Mayors SEQ. Bamboo MODC. for QLD Chief Entrepreneur.


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