This Might Happen to Your Digital Business Card

‘Hey! Come back with that!’ I somewhat yelled at a networking event, instantly killing a number of conversations in the surrounds. My target, failed to notice. ‘Oi!’ My hand now on their arm as my fake jog caught them quickly, mainly because they’d stopped at another group to chat and connect. 

Now I looked insane. Slightly exacerbated, a little panicked and now having to explain why I chased down this business owner half across a room to interrupt his introductions to new faces. ‘You have my card, don’t you?’ An almost incredulous look on their face, ‘yeah….’ Everyone leans in curious why I’m worried about such a thing, ‘you weren’t meant to take it with you’. Yes, everyone now KNOWS I’m a nutter. 

‘You see, it’s a digital business card. You tap or scan it and get my details, not slide it into your pocket and walk off.’ ‘Huh?’ or what they really wanted to say, ‘you’ve lost your mind!’

I did get my MODC back and they all had a tap and scan and scored my contact details, phew! So if you see me running across a networking event, just know someone else has pinched my card, I’m not doing an expose for A Current Affair or some such thing…

📸 Branded MODC. for Wahoo.


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