The Advice of Digital Business Cards

How often do we practice what we preach. Really. How often. 

Here’s a scenario to consider. A close friend who runs their own business asks for advice. Their key element of business development and that all important first impression is proving to be a bit of a pain in the butt, plus it isn’t greatly effective or efficient. 

You naturally ask for the evidence of this. Soon find out that at almost 90% of the time this element is found in the bin within a week and because of a business tweak a little while ago the details provided aren’t exactly correct anyways. Plus, it’s not really that cheap either. 

Your advice? Ditch it or improve it quick. Why on earth is your friend choosing to have something fail at almost 90% of the time and persist with it being a key business growth tool for them! It’s a no brainer to go with something better and more effective. 

Thank you for killing off the paper business card! Let’s get you (and your friend) kitted out with a digital one. 

📸 Branded MODC. for Queensland Country Bank.


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