Digital Business Card Efficiency by the Numbers

If 88% of the time your product or service was tossed in the bin within 7 days, unless you sold bin liners, you’d be pretty much toast being in business. Yet, almost all of us trust this level of inefficiency to push our business forward. 

And what if, of the remaining 12% of the time, only two thirds of this hugely inefficient item get saved for potential future use. Feel that trust level building? Or maybe it shrunk a little more…

What we just described, is your business card. Hours of care and precision, hundreds of dollars spent, always a few at your side just in case, never at hand when you actually needed it (or slightly crumpled if it is), your key first impression – the paper business card. So to now know your details are saved, at best, 8% of the time. Is it really the best it can be for you?

Hey, the business card might not be the most inefficient item in your business, all we ask is you look around a bit and see what else only hits 8% of the time. And then remove it, your business will thank you. 

📸 EcoSmart MODC. for Queensland Government.


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