Branded MODC

Your Business Brand, Your Digital Business Card

When’s the last time you truly thought about your businesses and your own personal brand? Been a while, yeah?

Let’s take a moment to ponder. In your brand you should be able to identify your core values. Your key offerings. Your unique edge only you can offer. And these aren’t meant to be intangible either. Ok, so you’ve got those in your head. 

Now, how do you get those across? In your socials, on your website, in a prospectus. No doubt you’re nailing it there, good job!

Nooooooow, what about the first impression. Do all these values, offerings, uniqueness come across in a few seconds and provide material readily available to back it up? This just felt a little Herculean, didn’t it… and what’s that tool you’re using for a first impression – your business card. Does it really cover the above? Even 10% of it?

Might be time to reassess and set yourself up with a tool that can deliver on what you want to promise. With the ability to brand, include multi media all with ease, a digital business card is your next step forward. 


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