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A Numbers Approach to Business Card Sustainability

Here are the stats on paper business cards you might not have ever known 😬

Annually, Australia consumes 100,000,000 paper business cards. Globally, it’s about 1 Billion. 

It cost 7,000,000,000 litres of water to make just those cards for Australia. 

That’s over 6 full Wivenhoe Dams. 

Each kilogram of paper cards equates to roughly 2 kilograms of CO2 produced. 

That’s before transportation of any kind. 

88% of these cards are in the bin within 7 days of being given to anyone. 

One third of all cards never get given to anyone, ever. 

Of the cards that make it to someone, only 8% of those people save your details. 

So of that box of 500 cards you have:

160 will never find their way to anyone, just the bin,

299 will find their way to the bin within a week of being given out, and,

From your whole box, 40 might be looked at long enough to save your details. 

Perhaps it’s time to chat, and change this to a new number… 1 card is all you need now. 


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