GoGetter MODC

How do we say MODC. Digital Business Cards?

Mod – see. M. O. D. C. Mod – ec. Moddddeeeee. Mods. 

Given we see our cards are being a huge brand step up for our clients, you’d think we would have picked a brand that people could pronounce first time, every time. Yeah, nah. 

Suppose it’s perfectly imperfect 🤷‍♂️. A brand where you know what we do, yet have no idea on how to pronounce us. Like Moët? Or is it Moetttt, or Mooooet, or Mooit?

Oh well, digital business cards and champagne sounds like the winners combo to us 🍾. Now say it with us…

Mod – si. No no, wait. Mod – see. Ah no. Mod – c. Here we go, here we go. Moët – si 🥂


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