Branded MODC for Pleasant State.

Does Business and Personal Brand Matter?

Let us consider where and when your business and personal brand doesn’t matter. 

When you have the chance to shine in a face to face meeting over coffee, or a casual chat. When you get the opportunity to explore ideas and share opportunities with clients, existing and prospective. When… ok, I might have run out already. 

Now we could argue the above falls into the personal branding part of business, but we’d say those scenarios don’t exclusively survive on personal branding alone. The question is now, what reinforces both your personal and business brand once these scenarios come to an end? Historically, the answer is, a business card. 

But, deep down we know what happens to it. Crumbled up or stacked in a pile and forgotten about. And yet, what if we could easily share those same details, plus a lot more and turn our brand from a ‘might remember’ to a ‘definitely remember’?

The answer is clear, a digital business card for you is ready for action!


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