Branded MODC for CBRE

Digital Business Cards on the Push for 2050

As net 2050 fast approaches (yes, it will be fast), a shift has already begun for businesses to demonstrate their understanding and ability to shift to sustainable actions within their business, no matter how big or small they are. Which is why, the humble business card, your trusted first impression piece, should absolutely be sustainable. 

Let’s think about this 🤔. You’re meeting with clients, existing and prospective, and when you go to exchange business cards you pull out one that is no longer just tossed in the bin (likely within moments of meeting). Instantly, the conversation changes tone and focus, and you can now actively and confidently speak on the positive steps you’ve already taken to tackle adverse environmental impacts. It’s now your conversation to speak on the strategy and actions you’re putting forward to positively impact your business, our collective future, and importantly, how your actions help them. 

A powerful change tip that sets you and your business on a new path!


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